photo-new.jpgAttorney At Law Kristina Kenarova

I have graduated from the German Language School in Plovdiv and the University of Plovdiv where I got my Master's degree in Law in 2000. I am registered at the Bar Association of Plovdiv. During my senior university years I gained experience by working at Jordanka Krusteva's law office where I also took my bar exam. Then I moved to Germany to seek international experience and make some useful contacts with law experts, professional people, companies and institutions.

Taking part in a project, financed by the EU Commission and managed by the Plovdiv’s University in 2003, I received a post-graduate degree in European Studies at RWTH /Technical University / Aachen, Germany where I became acquainted with the activities of the EU Commission and Parliament, the European Community Court, the European Court of Justice as well as with the judicial institutions in Germany.

In 2009 I had a one-month training at the Martens Law Office in Würzburg, Germany ( under a project funded by the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (, working in close collaboration with the Federal Bar Association in Germany ( and the German Union of Lawyers (> I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of my colleagues, to exchange experience and to establish valuable connections and contacts with other colleagues-lawyers from Europe (, who also participated in the program. The training included a seminar on the topic of “German and European civil, commercial and economic law”, meetings with practicing German lawyers, practice in a German law office and visit of European Institutions in Brussels. As a result of this exchange of experience I met colleagues working at law offices in Germany, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Lithuania, Croatia, Georgia, Serbia, Poland and Russia.

After my training at the Martens Law Office and meeting my German colleagues there, together with their way of work, we established collaboration with the purpose of the joint work of the two Offices, legal servicing of German and Bulgarian persons and attracting German investors in Bulgaria.

Since 2004, I have been working as an Attorney at Law in Plovdiv, specializing in civil, commercial and administrative law. However, utilizing my German experience, I also provide consulting services to German companies, operating or having presence in Bulgaria. I have the capacity of being a party in legal proceedings before all courts in the country, including before the Supreme Court of Cassation in Sofia.

I am interested in the field of European Law, as well as in the sphere of implementing projects funded by EC programmes and their management. For this purpose I underwent a three-month training at the EU Office at the Ministry of Education and Research in Bonn, Germany (

Due to my contacts and international experience I hope to be of use to my present and future clients and to be able to service them to the greatest scope of competence.

адвокат Сава Каров        sava.jpg

Роден в гр. Бургас, на 09.10.1957

Завършва Висшата школа на МВР през 1980 година

До 2000 година работи в МВР като инспектор по криминална линия

Пенсионира се през 2000
 година. Оттогава работи като адвокат. Вписан е в АК Бургас.

Специализира застрахователно право, права на пациенти - искове по т.н. „лекарски грешки",  административно и наказателно право.

Има заведени над 20 жалби в Съда по правата на човека в Страсбург, има уважени пет жалби, някои от които с особен принос по т. н. „полицейски произвол".

Езици: руски - писмено и говоримо

Accountant/Bookkeeper Janka Ayvazova  


Yanka Ayvazova is a shareholder and CEO of BPO Bulgaria Ltd ( She studied International Economic Relations at the University of Plovdiv where she graduated with a Master (M.Sc.). In 2003 she completed a second Master in Accounting and Controlling at the University of Veliko Tarnovo.

Yanka has successfully passed the preliminary examinations which entitled her to get a Certified Public Accountant qualification at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Bulgaria.

She is an affiliate student at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants which is a global body for professional accountants based in United Kingdom.

She has more than 14 years of experience in the field of Accounting and Finance. Starting her career as an Assistant Auditor at Megaton Ltd. later she became a Chief Accountant at Arnaudov Ltd., company providing outsourced accounting services.

She also gained experienced in a multinational German company Roedl & Partner providing accounting, audit, legal and tax-advice services to international clients.

She speaks English.